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The fuel cell solution for emission-free, secure energy supply in transport applications

The hydrogen-based fuel cell HyRange®-extender for battery-electric commercial vehicles and buses is an effective solution for applications where the existing battery capacity is insufficient for the intended operation.

Typical application examples:

Our solution:

With our in-depth knowhow and over 20 years of experience in the development of fuel cell systems, Proton Motor offers fuel cell-based solutions for vehicle propulsion systems free of noise and pollutant emissions. As a perfect partner for vehicle manufacturers, original equipment manufacturers, providers of electric vehicle drive systems, vehicle integrators as well as vehicle fleets for delivery and passenger transport, Proton Motor comprehensively and individually supports its customers in the design, integration and design of fuel cell hybrid systems as well as in the construction of fuel cell service networks.

To compensate for the inherent drawbacks of pure battery drives such as the vehicle’s heavy weight, short range and long charging times, Proton Motor’s HyRange® makes a meaningful addition to our hydrogen-based fuel cell technology porfolio.

Proton Motor has over 20 years of experience in the field of hybridization of fuel cells in combination with batteries and also in connection with capacitor technology.

The modular system design of the HyRange® allows OEM partners to easily integrate into a variety of different orientations. By adjusting the performance of the fuel cell system and the application-specific design of the battery, the hybrid solution can be varied between a pure plug-in hybrid operation and pure range extender operation. The dimensioning of the on-board energy systems can be optimized to the respective needs of individual customers. Power requirements greater than 30 kW can be easily addressed by combining the standard modules.

Using specially developed simulation software, Proton Motor can individually dimension the battery, fuel cell and hydrogen tank / storage for almost any application. This can be done both for an individual vehicle as well as for a complete vehicle fleet. To this end, Proton Motor offers a fleet analysis as a customer-specific service.

Technical specifications:

Power range: 5 – 37 kW
Voltage range: 0 – 138 VDC V
Current range: 0 – 500 A
H2 supply pressure: 5 – 7 bar
H2 consumptionh: Max. 2,3 kg/h
Ambient temperature range: -35 °C – +45 °C


Advantages of the HyRange® system:

  • Environmentally friendly, low-noise and (local) emission-free drive of electric vehicles
  • Use of green hydrogen for energy production possible
  • Very high efficiency and reliability
  • Long life span
  • Higher ranges (in comparison to BEV)
  • High operational safety
  • short refuelling times (in comparison to BEV)
  • Lower system costs (compared to FCEV)
  • Operating strategy can be well adapted to load request
  • Ideal performance class for delivery and public transport needs / Ideal for back-to-base applications with hydrogen infrastructure
  • System can be tailored to the specific application
  • Partial independence of H2 and electrical charging infrastructure
  • Water cooling / use of waste heat for vehicle air conditioning possible

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