Fuel Cell

The combined utilisation of electricity and process heat offers an excellent and most efficient means of exploitation of the primary energy carrier Hydrogen. When produced from renewable energy sources (for example through electrolysis combined with solar or wind energy), Hydrogen has a completely CO2-neutral and emissions-free life cycle, making the Proton Motor Fuel Cell an ideal building block for green, sustainable and decentralised energy production. Not only can the process heat be used on-site for climate control, the Fuel Cell also allows savings in terms of overall costs and resources as well as simplifying the logistics of energy transportation.

The extremely high reliability and lower maintenance costs of Fuel Cells systems in comparison to conventional diesel and/ or battery technology makes them the ideal solution for emergency/ backup power and uninterruptible power supply applications. Depending on supply and logistics, using Hydrogen as a fuel can allow for virtually unlimited bridging/ operating times.



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