Proton Motor and KST-Motorenversuch cooperate in the H2 range

● A new test bench tests hydrogen fuel cells for automotive applications ●

Puchheim near Munich München, Oktober 28, 2020 – National and regional alliances are highlighting the increasing significance of hydrogen as an alternative energy carrier to achieve climate targets and decarbonise our planet. For over 20 years technology pioneer “Proton Motor Fuel Cell GmbH“ (www.proton-motor.de) has successfully dedicating itself to the development and production of hydrogen fuel cells for stationary and mobile applications. In the area of automotive applications, the commissioning of “E-Trucks Europe”, which bases on the EU funding project “REVIVE” (“Refuse Vehicle Innovation and Validation in Europe) to equip refuse collection vehicles with the HyRange© solution to increase range, was announced this year. In order to expand sales activities, the cooperation with ”KST-Motorenversuch GmbH & Co. KG“ (www.kst-motorenversuch.de) is now contractually agreed.

The collaboration between the engineers from Puchheim and Bad Dürkheim is essentially based on the joint establishment of test procedures and test facilities for the development of hydrogen fuel cell systems. KST contributes its more than 50 years of experience as a development service provider and test facility operator for the automotive industry. In the first step, a KST test bench will be specially converted for hydrogen operation, on which a Proton Motor system is tested as a pilot. The aim of the cooperation is to create a long-term partnership. Both sides have agreed to the continuous qualification of students for training within the fuel cell high-tech sector as a cross-generational task for the future.

About Proton Motor Fuel Cell GmbH (www.proton-motor.de)

With more than 20 year of experience, the internationally active Proton Motor Fuel Cell GmbH is Germany’s expert for energy solutions with cleantech technologies and a specialist in fuel cells in this field. Located in Puchheim near Munich, Proton Motor, offers complete fuel cell and fuel cell hybrid systems from its own production – from development to production to the implementation of customer-specific solutions. Proton Motor focuses on stationary applications such as back-up power and energy storage solutions, as well as mobile solutions such as back-to-base applications. The solutions can also be applied in the maritime and rail sectors. The product portfolio includes basic fuel cell systems, standard complete systems and customised systems. The official commissioning of the new fuel cell stack machine to start the series production took place in September 2019.

Proton Motor is active in the stationary sector for customers in the IT, telecommunications, public infrastructure and healthcare sectors in Germany, Europe and the Middle East with power supply solutions for DC and AC demand. In addition to power supply, SPower product range also offers solutions for solar systems and a new product line for the storage of solar energy. Proton Motor Fuel Cell GmbH, with currently 90 employees under the management of Dr. Faiz Nahab is a wholly-owned subsidiary of “Proton Motor Power Systems plc” (www.protonpowersystems.com) with headquarters in Newcastle upon Tyne, England. The company has been listed on the London Stock Exchange since October 2006 (Ticker symbol: „PPS“ / WKN: A0LC22 / ISIN: GB00B140Y116).

Board of Directors Proton Power Systems PLC:
Dr. Faiz Nahab, CEO
Helmut Gierse, Chairman
Sebastian Goldner, CTO/COO
Roman Kotlarzewski, CFO
Manfred Limbrunner, Director Sales & Marketing

Point of contact Proton Motor Fuel Cell GmbH:
Leonie Würzner, Marketing
+49 / 89 / 127 62 65-61

Ariane Günther, Head of Public Relations
+49 / 89 / 127 62 65-96

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