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Erste Schritte im Rahmen des Förderprojekts Fit-4-AMandA

On 15 March 2017, the kick-off meeting for the EU-funded Fit-4-AMandA project took place in Puchheim. We are very pleased to be able to contribute our know-how in the field of fuel cells as technical coordinators in this project and thus to make a valuable contribution to the future viability of the industry.

The project title Fit-4-AMandA is derived from the term: Fit for Automatic Manufacturing and Assembly. The project is funded by the FCH-JU, a European Union funding agency for fuel cell and hydrogen technology. The duration of the project is set at 36 months.

The aim of the project is to make the production process of PEM (Polymer Electrolyte Membrane) fuel cell stacks more efficient and to develop a machine that enables a significant increase in capacity and cost reduction.

During the project, the production steps of PEM fuel cell stacks are to be optimised applying technologies that go beyond the state of the art. Industrial processes, which have already been established, are to be adapted to the specific circumstances prevailing to stacks. New quality assurance strategies specifically for the mobile sector will be developed and applied.

As part of the project, the fuel cell system produced by the new process will be used and tested under real life conditions in a light commercial vehicle. The resulting production process can also be used for all other fuel cell applications in the mobile, maritime and stationary sectors. This development permits for PEM fuel cell systems to be more efficient, less expensive and more competitive.

Project Partner Function
EWII Supplier of MEAs and bipolar plates
USK Karl Utz Sondermaschinen GmbH Manufacturer of industrial machinery
Technische Universität Chemnitz/ALF Implementation of the test tools along the line
Fraunhofer IWU Assessment of automated production technology
Uniresearch B.V. EU project management expert
UPS Operator of the vehicle fleet, field tests

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