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Seasonal Energy Storage at Klar Energie in Dernbach

A hydrogen based long term energy storage system was installed at Klar Energie in Dernbach. The central component of this energy solution is the PM Module S5 Fuel Cell system from Proton Motor which produces electrical energy from Hydrogen stored on site.

The Seasonal Energy Storage solution also consists of a battery based short-term energy storage system which can store energy produced from solar panels during the day, and re-used during the night, allowing the solar energy to be available round the clock. The battery is also used to balance the dynamic energy requirements of the business as well as acting as an interface or buffer between the load and the long term Fuel Cell based energy storage system.

Once the batteries are fully charged and the energy requirements of the user are cover, excess energy produced from the solar panels is converted into hydrogen for long term or “seasonal” storage. This Hydrogen can then be converted into electric energy via the Fuel Cell system as and when required. The thermal energy produced from the Fuel Cell can also be used for heating and climate control.

The complete energy solution includes an electrolyser, a Fuel Cell, a solar invertor as well as an energy management system. The Fuel Cell system PM Module S5 and the components necessary for the connection to the invertor were provided by Proton Motor. The individual components were then integrated into the complete solution and installed at Klar Energie by our partner and commissioned with support from Proton Motor. Service and maintenance are also provided by Proton Motor./p>

Technical data of the plant:

Site: Dernbach, Rhineland-Palatinate
Commissioning: January 2015
Type designation: Blue Hamster
Type – fuel cell: Proton Motor PM Module S5
Voltage level: 230 VAC
Power requirement: 3 kW fuel cell
H2 storage: hydrogen tank at 30 bar

Fuel cell module in use:

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