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Climate-neutral, emission-free, sustainable and reliable – these are the products from Proton Motor. With our ready-to-integrate fuel cell modules and systems, you will always find the most environmentally friendly and best solution.

Fuel Cell Stacks

The heart of all Proton Motor fuel cell systems is the so-called cell stack. With over 20 years of stack manufacturing experience, Proton Motor is a leader in the design and development of its own application-tested proprietary stacks.

How the fuel cell works
  • Fuel Cells

    Our Fuel Cells – The heart of Proton Motor technology

    The aim of stack development is always to achieve the best possible performance while maximising service life. We achieve this through:

    • Elaborate fluid dynamic simulations for optimum media and temperature distribution
    • Continuous monitoring of the supplier market
    • Selection, testing and benchmarking of the latest technologies in order to always implement and offer the most up-to-date technology for our stacks

    In close cooperation with major international manufacturers, the core components bipolar plates, GDL (gas diffusion layer) and MEA (membrane electrode assembly) are manufactured specifically for Proton Motor according to our specifications. Each individual stack is subjected to extensive testing processes, both in Proton Motor’s own test field and at external research institutes, in order to prove and ensure the performance and durability of our stacks.

    There are currently two stack formats in the Proton Motor portfolio that are installed in our systems. For more information download our data sheets or contact our Sales Team!

    Advantages of the PM fuel cells
    • Long service life
    • Liquid cooling (simple use of the reaction waste heat)
    • High reliability
    • High efficiency
    • Easy maintenance due to interchangeability of the cells
    • Simple diagnosis during operation
    • Wide range of application possibilities
    • No external humidification necessary

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