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Proton Motor serves stationary and automotive as well as maritime application areas and train traffic with holistic energy supply concepts. Applications for buses, commercial vehicles, trains, ships and stationary power generation are part of our competence portfolio and a sign of our company’s innovative strength:

Hydrogen as an environmentally friendly energy carrier is also a gain for the rail sector – and not only for passenger transport. For rail maintenance, emission-free cleantech innovations are needed. The world premiere of the rail milling train with hydrogen fuel cell drive is based on the technology development of Proton Motor.

Facility Specifications
Planned commissioning
Fuel Cell System
Proton Motor Multi-Stack-System
Installed Fuel Cell Capacity
42.6 kW

The world market leader for rail milling machines, the Upper Austrian “Linsinger Maschinenbau Gesellschaft m.b.H.” (www.linsinger.com – machine) company headquarters in Steyrermühl, the lead project “MG11 H2” was launched in 2020.

Proton Motor will supply a customised hydrogen fuel cell system with 214 kW of installed fuel cell power – consisting of two fully redundant systems of 107 kW each – for the first special railway construction machine of this kind in 2021. The high-performance milling machine “MG11 H2” has a purely electric travel drive, whereby hydraulics are also completely dispensed with for the working units. In this way, rail milling machines that have always been operated with diesel engines provide an answer to the ever stricter regulations concerning the environmental factors of exhaust fumes and noise pollution. Particularly in underground tunnels, the new machine type based on future-oriented alternative energy supply represents an improvement from an ecological point of view in favour of the targeted CO2 neutrality. In addition, the health of the operating crew on the track should also benefit from the emission-free milling concept, which eliminates dust pollution.

The fuel cell system produced by Proton Motor, integrated into a custom-built frame structure, contains six PM400 stack modules with 120 cells each. The overall frame construction contains all necessary components, consisting of a traction battery and hydrogen tanks, and includes two redundant multi-stack systems with 3 stack modules each. The drive concept must ensure the transfer journey of two hours as well as the rail processing of three hours daily.

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