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Proton Motor serves stationary and automotive as well as maritime application areas and train traffic with holistic energy supply concepts. Applications for buses, commercial vehicles, trains, ships and stationary power generation are part of our competence portfolio and a sign of our company’s innovative strength:

The “FCS Alsterwasser” was designed as an excursion steamer for inland navigation in Hamburg. The prototype belongs to the new pollution-free generation of ships – the fuel cell-powered “Zero Emissions Ships”.

The “Zemships” project was launched as an EU-funded joint project by nine companies and institutions. The “FCS Alsterwasser” has been tested by “Alster Touristik GmbH” for its practicality in regular service. Proton Motor developed two vibration-proof 48 kW fuel cell systems for the passenger ship, which drive the engine via the battery’s intermediate storage with an output of up to 100 kW (approx. 130 hp). To date, maritime applications have mainly been in smaller vessels with an engine power of up to 5 kW. The aim of “Zemships” was to collect operating data for the scientific evaluation of sustainable energy efficiency in order to test possible fuel cell suitability in more powerful ship types.

Zemships - Hydrogen Fuel Cell Battery Hybrids
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