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PM Module S25

The universal fuel cell module for the power class up to 25 kW in stationary use

Typical application examples:

  • emergency power supply for:
    • Railway infrastructure
    • Telecom/ radio stations
    • Securing critical infrastructure
    • Industry and data centres
  • Applications in combination with energy storage:
  • Off-grid power supply (island solutions)
  • Grid integrated solutions for emergency power or grid support

Many other applications requiring efficient and environmentally friendly energy supply are possible.

Core technology:

The core of the PM Module S25 is the PM 400 fuel cell stack cells, also developed by Proton Motor. All peripheral components required for operation are optimized for stationary use in this power class and are located inside the housing. All interfaces to the operator are located on the rear side of the module – so a simple and quick change of the module is possible. Thanks to its compact system architecture,the PM Module S25 can be integrated into any customer application. Since these are individually developed, customer-specific systems, they can be adapted to new conditions and requirements at any time.

The operation of several modules in staggering or parallel operation is easily possible. This allows a system to be individually designed and adapted to the power requirements of various industrial applications.

Technical specifications:

Power range: 4 – 25 kW
Voltage range: 38- 115V DC
Output current: 0 – 500 A
Dimensions (w x h x d): 600 x 1100 x 1000 mm
Weight: 260 kg

Advantages of PM Module S25:

  • Environmentally friendly, emissions-free solution for generating electrical energy from Hydrogen
  • Very high efficiency and reliability
  • Long life span
  • Easy installation and service
  • Flexible use
  • Low maintenance / low maintenance costs
  • Parallel operation of several modules
  • High operational safety
  • Online monitoring
  • Water cooling / use of process heat
  • Simple hybridization with batteries

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