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Emergency power system for a substation of Bayernwerk AG

Bavaria’s first PEM Fuel Cell based emergency power system (EPS) is installed in the Bachhausen substation (Neumartk district in Oberfalz) in order to cover the essential power demand of the substation in the event of a grid failure. Modl GmbH and Proton Motor Fuel Cell GmbH jointly designed, built and commissioned this system for Bayernwerk AG (formally E.ON Bavaria).

In case of a grid failure, the Fuel Cell system provides the necessary power for the technical equipment in the substation. In order to, for example, be able to carry our necessary switching actions for resupply every substation requires a power system independent from the grid capable of providing a bridging time of at least 10 hours. The substation in Bachhausen supplies the surrounding communities, telecom facilities of various network providers as well as pumping stations of the Main-Donau-Kanal.

The Fuel Cell emergency power system directly supplies the 240 VDC link of the substation with up to 5 kW of nominal electrical power. All consumers of the substation are supplied via this DC link. Proton Motor delivered its own PM Module S5 Fuel Cell system, along with a DC/DC convertor and equipment for data visualisation to Modl GmbH, who was responsible for producing the corresponding housing/ cabinet for the EPS system.The integration and safety concepts were jointly developed by both companies, and the Hydrogen storage equipment was implemented according to specifications provided by Proton Motor.

Technical data of the plant:

Site: Bachhausen, Bavaria
Commissioning: November 2012
Type designation: BZ-NEA 5kW
Type – fuel cell: Proton Motor PM Module S5
Voltage level: 240 VDC
Power requirement: Ca. 900 W Dauerlast, 5kW Leistungsspitzen
H2 storage: 1 Bündel à 12 Flaschen (50 l / 200 bar)

Fuel cell module in use:

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